Good Timber Relief Print



“Good timber does not grow with ease” is a section of one of my favorite poems by David Malloch. It inspired this linoleum relief print.
11″ x 14″ archival quality printmaking paper
Black vegetable oil based printing ink
Edition of 5 prints

I send these prints with a stiff chipboard backing inside an archival plastic sleeve, and ship in a rigid mailer.


My linoleum relief printing process involves carving the image in mirror on a block of battleship grey linoleum. Then special ink is applied to the block via soft rubber rollers. Then I carefully place the art paper on top of the inked block. I use a brayer or metal spoon to transfer the ink to the paper. For blocks that require lots of ink it can be pretty tricky to get the ink to transfer nicely! So I take great care and pride in all the prints that turn out well!


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